Jonathan Alderson - Biography

Autism Treatment: Multi-Treatments provide ultimate combination

Jonathan Alderson is the Founder and Director of the Intensive Multi-Treatment Intervention ( program for families with children on the autistic spectrum. Alderson offers a highly customized solution and specializes in blending play therapy, structured learning, sensory, and biomedical treatments in the integrated IMTI model. “The issues underlying the challenges of children with autism are multifaceted – so the treatment has to be multifaceted too”, Alderson explains about his unique approach. With over 20 years of study and work in education and autism treatment, a Masters in Education from Harvard University, a BA in developmental and educational psychology, and 8 years of training and work at the Son-Rise Program, including hundreds of hours of 1:1 therapy with children, Alderson now designs and directs home-based treatment programs for families in Toronto, Ontario. You can find more about his practice at

The Son-Rise Program is a program at the Option Institute for "helping children and adults with special needs maximize their potential." They work with persons with ADD, PDD, Autism, and others. Jonathan Alderson was formerly the Son-Rise Program Director. He oversaw all aspects of Son-Rise Program, responsible for budget planning, supervision and development of all SRP Child Facilitator and Teacher Training, staff trainer and family teacher, recruiting and interviewing new trainees, future planning and development.