Russell L. Blaylock, MD - Biography

Dr. Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon engaged in a private neurosurgical practice for the past 21 years. During this time he has had a strong interest in nutritional treatment of neurological disorders and in the biochemical basis of diseases of the nervous system. ADD and ADHD have been a part of his interest because of the relationship to the excitotoxic process. In 1994 he wrote a book on this subject, Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills, and revised and updated it in 1998. He has written and illustrated three chapters in medical textbooks and a patient care booklet on multiple sclerosis. In addition he has published several papers in peer reviewed journals on a variety of subjects from the pathology and treatment of pituitary tumors to immunothearpy of brain tumors. He has appeared on the 700 Club approximately 7 times, Life Style Magazine once, and 30 plus syndicated radio programs discussing the book. While he does not treat ADD in his practice, he has given advice to a number of mothers and have found that a significant number improve and some quite dramatically.