George von Hilsheimer, Ph.D. - Biography

"Dr. Von", George von Hilsheimer earned his Ph.D. at the Saybrook Institute. He is the author of Allergy, Toxins and the LD Child (which will be available at his new website next week!) previously published by Academic Therapy; he is also the author of How To Live With Your Special Child, Acropolis Books, 1968, alas, out of print; and Is There A Science of Behavior, Humanitas Press, 1966 (which he says you may obtain by sending a mere $2.50 postage to 125 S. Swoope Ave, #109; his book, Brief Therapy is published at available as shareware for $5.00 and will soon be available on his own not yet open website.

"Dr. Von" is listed in Who's Who (and in the specialty issues, WW in Medicine, and WW in Science and Engineering). Dr. Von is most famous for having run the world reknown Summerlane School in North Branch, New York; and the Green Valley School in Orange City, Florida, and for People, Inc., an international social service organization sponsored by The Realist magazine in the '60s.