Aspartame and Nutrasweet Toxicity Info Center


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What follows are suggestions for asking questions:

  1. Case histories: Please forward case histories to the following email address: Please include your location (City & State/Province) and your phone number (optional) for our case history database.

    A more formal Aspartame Toxicity Questionnaire can be copied and pasted into your email. That questionnaire can be found at:

    Thank you for forwarding case histories. You can read a sampling of aspartame poisoning case histories at:

  2. 90% of the questions asked are answered by articles on the web page. Please refer to the articles on the Aspartame and NutraSweet Toxicity Information Center web page. Also, please see the recently-written, detailed summary as it has numerous useful links at the end of the summary: The summary provides links to scientific information, detoxification information, healthier sweetener resources, etc. In addition, flyers are now available at:

  3. Betty Martini at Mission Possible, USA is available to answer questions. The email address is: Her phone number is: 770-242-2599.