The Wisdom of Depression : A Guide to Understanding and Curing Depression Using Natural Medicine

by Jonathan Zuess


In The Wisdom of Depression: A Guide to Understanding and Curing Depression Using Natural Medicine, holistic physician Dr. Jonathan Zuess explains how the activation of symptoms such as insomnia, preoccupation with one's problems, soul-searching, and the desire to be alone are natural reactions to our harried lives. The initial stage of depression is designed to enhance our ability to focus inward and find solutions to difficult emotional challenges; in many ways our bodies and minds are forcing us to create a contemplative environment much like the vision quest of native cultures or the monastic quiet of a Western retreat.

However, if this process goes on for too long, we can become "stuck," mired in an unproductive, even painful cycle. The gentle, alternative therapies in this informative and practical book help restart the healing work of depression, instead of simply cutting it short. As an example, the herb St. John's wort enhances the dreaming cycle--an intensive problem-solving mode of consciousness--unlike prescription antidepressants. Other therapies covered include nutritional supplements, light therapy, music and play, meditation, and prayer. Dr. Zuess also discusses environmental toxins and drug side effects that mimic the symptoms of depression, as well as how to find a psychiatrist if the depression deepens to a clinical state and antidepressants become necessary. The Wisdom of Depression is the essential guide to the full array of treatments for depression.