Multiple Sclerosis: A Self-Help Guide to Its Management

by Judy Graham


This comprehensive guide to alternative and self-help care is directed to those who have MS, and to their families, friends, and helpers. Judy Graham's personal experiences with MS prompted her to explore various natural methods of treatment, leading to dramatic and lasting improvement in her own health. In her book, she has combined this first-hand knowledge with extensive, ongoing research.

Offers advice on exercise, posture, yoga, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, incontinence, relationships, sexuality, pregnancy, childbirth, mental attitude, and dealing with fatigue.

Includes resource information and full details on evening primrose oil, a dietary supplement shown to be effective for many people with MS.

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Judy Graham has been diagnosed with MS for 20 years, and has lived with the disease longer. One of the founders of the Multiple Sclerosis Action Group, later known as ARMS (Action for Research into Multiple Sclerosis), Judy's vast knowledge of MS includes theories about the causes and nature of MS, new methods of treatment, promising areas of research, helpful therapies and advice on daily living. She believes that there are many ways to manage MS and to attain a high degree of health through changes in diet, diet supplements, exercise and various alternative and holistic treatments. Among the issues she discusses are the role of mercury in dental fillings, environmental contamination and allergies, all of which are implicated in causing or aggravating MS. A wonderfully useful book with the added bonus of sharp commentary on the medical community's failure to meaningfully diagnose or treat MS.