The Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer : Towards Preventing and Controlling Cancer With Diet and Lifestyle

by Michio Kushi, Edward Esko

From The WomanSource Catalog & Review: Tools for Connecting the Community for Women; review by Patricia Pettijohn , February 1, 1997

It is not an exaggeration to call the rise in the incidence of cancer an epidemic, and modern diet and lifestyle seem like two of the more obvious possible culprits. Author Michio Kushi, founder of Macrobiotics in America, reviews what 25 years of scientific research into the links between diet and cancer has taught us, and then proposes some fairly simple, if stringent, dietary goals. Michio suggests general guidelines, rather than specific diets, allowing the reader to understand the principles of macrobiotics, and create a personalized nutritional program. The Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer includes dozens of anecdotal accounts of cancer survivors who benefited from macrobiotics, an inspiration to those of us who have trouble contemplating a life free of sugar and spice and what seems like everything nice. This is not a cookbook; Michio wisely advises that you take a class in macrobiotic cooking if you decide to adopt a macrobiotic diet.