Curing Hay Fever Naturally With Chinese Medicine

by Bob Flaws


This book explains the Chinese Theory on the cause of allergic conditions. it offers many low-or no cost home therapies to prevent and heal this widespread disease, including self-massage, Chinese patent medicines, and herbal teas.

From the Publisher

So many millions in this country suffer from hayfever. Here is a totally new way to think about it and deal with the symptoms.

From the Author

I grew up with hayfever and asthma, so I know first-hand what this disease feels like. Let me tell you, it's no fun. But I can also tell you that I no longer suffer from hayfever, no longer suffer from cat and animal dander allergies, and no longer suffer from asthma. Why not? Because of following the 2,000 year old wisdom of Chinese medicine. As long as I eat right, get regular exercise, and don't let stress get to me, I can sail through allergy season without a sniffle, AND SO CAN YOU! There are many conditions Chinese medicine does not treat very well. But when it comes to allergies and asthma, I believe that Chinese medicine provides excellent preventive and remedial therapies. Chinese medicine helps relieve the acute attacks. But even more importantly, it can identify the root cause of such allergic responses and, based on that Chinese diagnosis, suggest ways to prevent attacks from occurring in the future. This is the real benefit of Chinese medicine lifetime freedom from runny nose, itchy eyes, and gasping for breath. The solution is in your hands. Even better, Chinese medicine is free from side effects. Therefore, I am very happy to have been able to share this knowledge with my fellow Westerners. I believe that Chinese medicine can alleviate a lot of needless suffering. Try it!