From MS to Wellness

by Betty A. Iams


From MS to Wellness author Betty Iams masterfully shares with you her emotional roller coaster after learning she had Primary Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She went from "stark terror" that she would become helpless like her mother, who has spent the last 30 years in a wheelchair with MS, to accepting the challenge to overcome this disease.

This tenacious, very resourceful lady brought to this challenge a metaphysical background. She believes that physical healing is as much about healing the mind and spirit as the body. Though Betty's experience is with MS, and From MS to Wellness chronicles her personal journey to Wellness, she skillfully presents a complete self-help guide to healing and transformation.

With a twinkle in her eye, and a smile in her voice, Betty calls her MS her "uninvited guest." As you follow along with her from the diagnosis through denial, anger, acceptance, and finally to developing her "game plan" for her personal journey to wellness, you realize that we all have uninvited guests as we travel along life's path. In sharing her own journey, Betty gives us a guide for handling our own inevitable uninvited guests.

* Learn how YOU can take charge of YOUR body and YOUR life.
* Learn to "listen" to your body's own intelligence. It knows what it needs to be well again.
* Discover that YOU are the healer!

From MS to Wellness is not a book about multiple sclerosis. It is about how one can create wellness. It is about healing. It teaches us that healing is about change, about changing anything in your life that you wish to change. It is about creating what you truly want in your life, whether that be creating a healthy body, a healthy relationship, the career you would like to have, or anything else you truly want in your life.

From MS to Wellness is about taking charge of your body . . . and your life.

From the Author

When I was first diagnosed, at the suggestion of a very supportive friend, I began keeping a journal. I was still "wallowing" in the mire of, "This can't be happening to me." "Why me, I have been such a good person." "What could I have done to bring this on." I was dealing with the anger - lots of anger - at God, at life, at my mother. After all, she had to have some responsibility because she had given me the MS genetic pattern that I learned had placed me in a high-risk group for developing MS. That journal helped me to first admit all these feelings, and second to learn to deal with them.

As I began to learn to look at my MS in a healthy way, I came to know that I had to take responsibility. No one was responsible for my MS. In that it was my body and my life, I had to accept responsibility, and once I did that everything changed. Then I really began my journey to wellness.

From MS to Wellness is intentionally written in a very simple easy-to-read style that anyone can relate to. The page layout is intentionally done to aid the large percentage of people with MS who have optic neuritis, frequently one of the disconcerting earliest signs of the onset of MS.