Lifting the Bull : Overcoming Chronic Back Pain Fibromyalgia and Environmental Illness

by Diane Dawber

The publisher, Quarry Press , June 7, 2000 - Synopsis

"The whole book itself will be a great help tofibromyalgia sufferers who realize in you a kindred spirit ................." --Dr Donald Ranney, University of Waterloo

Told in a personal journal form, LIFTING THE BULL is a moving story of human suffering and recovery, full of the anecdotal appeal missing from other clinical treatments of these syndromes, as well as a practical guide to better health. The recovery regimen the author recommends is based on orthomolecular or nutritional therapy, complemented by osteopathic body work. Diane Dawber dispels the medical myths, wrong diagnoses, and ineffective pharmaceutical and surgical treatments involved with chronic pain sydromes like fibromyalgia.