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Case #1

Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 19:48:03 -0500
Subject: Acne

Here is my Story . Hope its what you wanted. Took me hours.

Acne attacked my skin when I was about 15. On my face, shoulders and back. I suppose at that point it was hormonal, but later, in my early 20's I attribute the acne to my diet.....Tons of Fast food, soda, chips, junk food galore. It was easier to eat the quick stuff, than make a meal. So..I was at the doctors office quite a bit there for a while. I tried all the perscription and otc medications available and they did nothing for me but dry out my skin and the otc meds just seemed to make the acne proliferate. I was embarrased to even go out much. I tried the "medicinal make-ups" that were supposed to hide the acne, but they only hid it from me. To others, it made the acne actually stand out.

When I was 21 I met a woman (whom I married btw) who, within about a month and a half helped me to rid my body of not only the toxins within my body but all that the toxins produced - my dreaded acne. I couldn't belive it.

I started to eat 3 meals a day. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Dairy products that were low in fat. Brewers yeast (a wonderful substance!!), Organiclly grown meats. Soy products. And, of course, she introduced me to """herbs""". I was absolutley amazed at what a plant that grew in her garden could do.

To rid myself of the acne, I began washing my face with cabbage water. Before bed I rubbed my acne with garlic cloves. I also used Tea tree oil that she mixed into distilled water with witch hazel and I hung my head over a hot water bowl that had yarrow and elderflowers and lavender. I took evening primrose oil, vit. c, and the complete B's and a daily vitamin/mineral. It didn't take to long, was not to hard and I could not even belive that I could live acne free. To this day, 10 years later, I still have to look twice at my reflection and rub my hand over my face and my face.

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