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Case #1

Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 20:36:28 -0700
From: Kathleen Tumson

Briefly I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4/96. of course, the doctor wanted to do a mastectomy & chemo. My reply was no. I asked my doctor who was a male, "If you were diagnosed with postrate cancer would you cut your balls off after the 1st opinon??" "No" he replied. I told him I have been bitching about these tits for 40 years but i was going 2 keep them.

I used a strict vegie diet, herbs, visualization. but i also found a female oncologist practising here from Germany (hush hush). I am able to get homeopathics from Germany and they have done the most good. In less than 6 months, I passed the "death stage". My tumor was the size of a golf ball- 4cm and is completely gone now. I am healing now from an enlarged lymph node that I activated when doing alot of upper body work which i was not supposed to be doing.

The medication from germany puts oxygen to the blood, builds up the immune system and decreases the tumor.

I have also used Nature's Sunshine herbs and Essiac Tea. I have loads of information and am going to write a book on my story as well as other peoples testimonials.

Case #2

Cervical Cancer Healed

In 1975 I was diagnosed with malignant cervical cancer, a No.5 on a Pap test. I happened to have been studying with Dr. Ralph Alan Dale, who had just returned from China, a class in Oriental Medicine. He guided me to Michio Kushi in Boston for training in Macrobiotics. He also guided me to Felix Marquand for Acupuncture. I had already been doing meditation for two years, so I beefed up my hours.

Basically, I faced my fears, let them go and sang (I'm a singer-songwriter and musician) myself into this remission. After one month it had tested a No.3 and I knew that I was on the right track. The medical doctor did not want to work with me at all so I had to find another doctor to test me as I went along.

At that point I began to travel. I went to the Andes and the jungles of Venezuela. I ate organic food, all vegetarian, and drank their teas. Within another 3 months the cancer was completely gone.

Two years later I gave birth to my son, who is now 20. I was 29 when the cancer appeared, 32 when I gave birth. I never would have enjoyed to gift of motherhood had I let those doctors do their horrible and barbaric surgery.

Thank God for inner strength and prayer. It worked the most.

Thanks for letting me share this story. I published an full article in the December, 1997 issue of Natural Health. I am looking for other people who have similar stories to publish an anthology of healing cancer naturally. Please contact me at if you know anyone who would like to tell their story in a book I am about to publish.

Case #2

Ovarian Cancer Healed

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 18:11:17 EST
Subject: ovarian cancer/case history

My name is Kira Carrillo Corser. I had, stage two, ovarian cancer in 1990. I feel that a combination of holistic practice and western techniques helped me. I had chemo, but it was an experimental program and half killed me.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, the first thing I did was read 20 books on alternative healing. I changed my diet, eat organic, get body work, regular exercise and take supplements...esp. vit. c.... And I used relaxing breathing, art, and visualization for wellness. I feel it really helped heal me.

I remember asking my friends to a tea party where we all painted magical sharks on watercolor 5 x 7 papers. We taped them to the ceiling, over my bed and I would image them eating my cancer away.

Because of my healing, I have made two videos: a children's video fairy tale for relaxation and visualization "Flora and the Laughing River" ----- and one (produced with the Monterey Musueum of Art) on 8 women artists titled "Art and Healing: Journeys through Breast Cancer."

When a friend's 2 year old got cancer, I tried to help her and her family cope. In my research I found there is a great need for a (fun filled) video/audio tape and parent/teacher guide to help children learn to deal with pain, illness, anger and stress in an empowering way.

In making the video I have seen the importance of breathing and imagination in healing. I am now completing the video fairy tale for 2 to 7 year olds, titled "Flora and the Laughing River." In it, a little girl teaches relaxing breathing to a grouchy bear (with a sore back) a deer (afraid of everything, but loves to dance) and 2 bickering angry birds (that love to sing.) They all learn to help themselves. That is part 1 of the video. In Part 2 of the video, the Laughing River reminds them each to use imagination when they are sick, angry, frustrated or have pain. Each character imagines a magical favorite place.

The audio tape and teaching guide are designed to make each child's experience personal and more powerful....while also educating the parent about the importance of these techniques.

I am interested in connecting with others who work with children in this area.


[Q. What is your current health status (in general and as far as cancer goes)?]

My current health status is great! My doctor at Stanford Hospital said I am "cured." After you pass the 5 year mark they consider you cured and I don't have to take the blood tests that track ovarian cancer again.

But, I must say that the insurance companys don't agree. They doubled my rates, didn't give me insurance for 7 years, and raise it every few months...And that is with a $2,000 deductable.

I believe my good health is supported by taking Vit. C and other supplements, exercise, relaxation, and happiness.
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