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Case #1

Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 18:17:46 -0600
From: Dee Fortuny
Subject: Re: Regaining Health

In 1993, I caught a "virus." That's all the doctor said, but it lingered and lingered for months. I had no energy. I quit my part-time job and did the minimum around the house. I suspected Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. From literature from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, I learned that you can get better and that exercise is good, as long as you don't do too much and get too tired. I started walking the 200 feet to the mailbox and back. The next day I added 20 feet. The following day another 20 feet more, and so on. It took almost a year to work up to one mile. I was also taking a couple of products from Nature's Sunshine, Bifidophilus - Flora Force and VS-C and drinking Pau de Arco tea. In 1995, I was diagnosed by my new doctor to have candidiasis - system-wide. He prescibed caprylic acid and I started following the diet recommendations in the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by James and Phyllis Balch. They made a difference. I started having more energy and a clearer mind, but after six months candida albicans fights back. I started colonic treatments. After almost a year, candida is fighting back again. Most recently, I've started taking a product by Body Electric and I'm winning the battle again. I'm close enough to perfect health now, that I won't give up. You're at your lowest when you the sickest. That's when you have to take small steps, even 20 steps more each day. My Best Wishes of Health & Prosperity to All!
Dee Fortuny

Case #2

Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 14:05:40 -0500
Subject: recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In 1995, I began to feel increasingly unwell. I had decreasing energy, worsening of PMS symptoms, including migraine headaches, muscle aches, feelings of spaciness and dizziness, heart irregularities, cold hands and feet, and a strange empty feeling in my upper chest (where I later learned that my thymus is located). At the same time that I felt low energy and exhausted, I also had insomnia, which was unusual for me. I went to a holistic practitioner, at first suspecting low thyroid function, but the tests came back normal. I also was tested for parasites, as I had recently returned from a trip to Mexico. These tests also were normal. The practitioner diagnosed me with adrenal exhaustion, and recommended B vitamins and rest. However, I continued to feel worse, sometimes unable to drive home after going somewhere. Through lots of reading and research, I began to suspect Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I finally found a good hosistic M.D. who put me on an anti- candida diet (no sugars, fruit juice, dried fruits, fermented foods, or yeasts) and tested me for the viruses associated with CFS. I tested highly positive. She also tested my immune functioning, and as is often the case with people affected by CFS, my natural killer cells were low in both number and level of functioning. She recommended castor oil compresses as well as rebounding to stimulate my immune functioning. She also recommended a varity of supplements, including olive leaf extract, which she explained was a natural anti-viral product. After 5 days on this new program, I felt about 90% better! I was incredibly ill for 18 months, and wondered if I would ever feel well again. I've been on this program for about a year now, and I am so incredibly grateful to have my energy and my life back. Deborah

Case #3

Iris Chiappolini
Earth Essences
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Subject: For the Case Study on CFS
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 21:50:29 -0600

In 1987, almost mid-year in my teaching term, my life had become very stressful. I was working with children with special needs and was giving much, feeling very tired and drained. At about this same time I had decided it best to end a romantic relationship that I had been in for over a year. Shortly after I became ill, running a low fever for about a week. I had no energy and became extremely tired. This was accompanied with flushed cheeks that were bright red all the time. I visited my doctor who ran lots of blood work and was soon diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I was told that there was not much I could do but rest and really that there was no cure. This led to me to turn to alternative medicine in the hopes of finding a way to feel better again. I read everything I could possibly get my hands on. I found a naturopathic doctor who had much success with CFS and put me on a regimen of vitamins. I was also referred to a chiropractor who immediately checked for for candida and tested positive for this. He put me on a diet free of yeast, and within weeks I was feeling substantially better. At the same time, I also began working with a therapist to deal with early childhood emotional issues that were still having an effect on my life. As past memories would come up, I would use the Bach Flower Essences to help me to to cope with emotions that at times were very overwhelming. I also began excercising, doing gentle aerobics and yoga, and gradually increased to a more vigorous aerobic level. The combination of these therapies was very effective. In about 4 weeks, I was back at work, probably 75% better than when I had begun. This experience was very moving for me, as I went on to study in the field of alternative medicine. I am now married with two children, and have my own business in Therapeutic Aromatherapy and Flower Essences. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is something, I have been told that remains in the body and never completely goes away. Although this may the case, having it in our bodies doesn't necessarily = mean we have the symptoms. This is the case with CFS in my life. It may be there, but it is not active.At times, when life becomes stressful dealing with the many pressures life can bring, I can become tired, but I have never relapsed into that place I was when I was initially diagnosed. When I began feeling a tired, I immediately eliminate sugar, wheat and gluten and find I feel better within days.

Iris Chiappolini

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