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Case #1

Subject: Reversing Dementia Case Study
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 22:40:10 -0800

Reversing Dementia Case Study

When it all started In 1993 my mother, age 48 was loosing her way. Driving long distances began to confuse her. She could not remember how to get to her destinations. Eventually she could not drive at all. Her professional life began to suffer as well. She was having difficulty holding down a job. She thought she was developing Alzheimer's. Day to day activities was becoming increasingly difficult. Eventually she could not balance her checkbook and had to file bankruptcy. Over the months her short-term memory deteriorated. Severe gastrointestinal problems including decades of diarrhea led to dramatic weight loss. Depression was increasing. Decades of increasing stress were also taking its toll on her. Eventually she lost her job and was devastated. In December 1992 I rushed her into emergency to find out what was happening. Her mouth was burning, she couldn't walk, and she was weak, devastated with stress, and unable to absorb food properly. The doctors found nothing. After months of trying every medical procedure to determine the cause of her gastrointestinal problems, the doctors gave up. Eventually she was diagnosed with second stage Dementia. Her short-term memory was non existent. Her long term and immediate memory were still in tact. Later vertigo and kidney pain landed her into the hospital again.

In 1995 she was helpless. Her brother moved in full time to take care of her. She could not make her meals or take her pills on her own. Michael slowed down the deterioration process by watching what she ate and how often. He was able to get her weight back by giving her a diverse selection of foods she hasn't eaten for years. His act of kindness and sacrifice was essential for her survival. He also believes that a healthy diet can heal illness, but mom's condition was so severe that extra help was needed. Within the last year her long-term memory began to fade. Within the last few months she could not bath herself. She was dying. I read in medical text that Dementia at her age deteriorates rapidly. She probably had less than a year left. Indifference was setting in.

Before the memory loss, she suffered from ulcers, colitis, stress, chronic diarrhea, and fatigue. Food allergies further complicated her malnutrition forcing her to eat foods that agreed with her. For years she only consumed graham crackers, Fritos, and turkey. She was starving herself to death. Vitamin Therapy

I picked up a book written by Linda Clark called Know Your Nutrition. On page 73 it said: "...cases of senile Dementia in mental hospitals and retirement homes have exhibited a dramatic improvement in their mental condition twenty-four to forty eight hours after large doses of the B vitamins." I searched the Internet for more information and hit the jackpot. DR Hoffer accidentally found that niacin could reverse dementia. Within a few weeks after starting vitamin treatment her cardiovascular induced Dementia was improving. Her ability to communicate was good and her short-term memory was much better. She remembered recent events very well but I felt she could get better.

She still needed help in certain areas. Her long term memory was still affected, depression still bothers her, remembering events and names of the past of the past was still difficult, and she couldn't tell time or sign her name. Mental confusion was not helped at all by vitamin treatment. If you asked her a retrospective question, she would not be able to answer it without getting the information all jumbled up. This went on for about eleven months with no improvement.

NAET is a fascinating treatment discovered by Doctor Devi Nambudripad in California. It is based on the belief that all illnesses are caused by interruptions in nutrient absorption.
All life requires energy to exist. The energy within us is bombarded with environmental toxins, stress, medications, genetic blueprints, and even foods that disrupt this flow of energy and weakens our immune systems. Even the healthiest of people are affected by the invasion, and trouble results. She has been going for treatments every week and the results are wonderful. She is cured of her depression, she is alert and full of energy and can now tie her shoes and count to 30. She still has a way to go but the progress has been wonderful.
For more information about this healing technique and a listing of a doctor in your area that are practicing NAET, go to the web site You can obtain the book "Say Goodbye To Illness" written by Doctor Devi Nambudripad who discovered NAET at this site. Good luck, from personal experience and witnessing others, I can say that it is working.

PS in the book Say Goodbye to illness, a case history of an Alzheimer’s patient fully recovered when a toxin in his environment was identified as the cause.

David M

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