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Healing & Transformation Story Instruction Page

Where to Send

Please send your cases history to

Format of Case Histories

Please tell your case history in your own words, discussing your condition before and during the healing process as well as your condition today. Please highlight the Holistic Healing techniques that were helpful to you, specific types of practitioners you worked with, and difficulties you encountered. Feel free to include your email address if you like.

Stories must be less than five (5) pages. Second-hand accounts discouraged except for that of children or mentally-handicapped individuals. Please do not send testimonials of amazing healing from specific products -- We are looking for holistic healing case histories, not ads or product testimonials. There is no guarantee that case history will be included, but most well-meaning case histories will be included.

Finally, if you would like to include medical documentation, which is by no means necessary, but may help those who are scientifically-minded, please feel free to send any documentation to Holistic Healing Web Page, c/o Mark D. Gold, Holistic Healing Web Page, 12 East Side Dr., Suite 2-17, Concord, NH 03301, USA. If you do send such detailed medical documentation, please send a signed statement which will allow me to summarize it on the web page.

Thank you very much for helping me and others by sending your story!