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Case #1

Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 16:41:39 EST
Subject: Requested summaries

Here are the summaries of holistic-oriented changes that I have made, as requested. If you have any questions (some info I may have inadvertently left out, feel free to email me. I hope this is helpful to others in alleviating pain, etc.

Misc Facts:

  1. Never smoked, drank alcoholic beverages, or used abusive drugs. (Seldom used medication) Mostly just Excedrin for Migraines
  2. Since age 30 or so: regularly walked 1-1/5 miles briskly approx 4 days a week


  1. Arthritis...Family history: Mother had this. Sisters now all have it at some stage. At age 41, it began with stiffness in a.m. (not leaving til about noon) Under much stress for a few years, when this showed up. At age 42, I awoke one day unable to get out of bed. Pain in lower right back area. When Dr saw that I could not sit down, he put me in hospital for 10 days (in traction) He could not say that I would ever be able to work.

    I was sent home with anti inflammatory meds and muscle relaxant. Still in bed 10 days of the month. Back always felt like it was about to go out. No improvement on meds til I tried Aloe Vera.(No citrus one hour before or after taking this). The worst of the ache was gone,and I could function though still very uncomfortable. Discontinued ALL sugar. Within 3 months I was totally back to normal. One time in 2 years, that I did eat sugar, the ache was back the next day.

    I found that I had no problem with honey, dates, fruits (unbleached natural sugar as such). At the end of 2 years the damaging (bleached sugar products were out of my system enough, that I could tolerate eating some for short times without ill effects, if I totally ceased eating sugar immediately upon being anything less than limber. I no longer needed Aloe Vera, while disciplining my sugar intake.

    At age 56...(fifteen years later) still no problem.

  2. Migraines:
    I believe they began in mid 20's. In early years they responded to Alka Seltzer, or going to bed directly. Age 33: Non ending severe one. Dr gave Caffergot..which left me feeling out of it. I had to concentrate to walk straight! Every time the pills wore off, the non ending Migraine was still there. This lasted for months.

    I became aware that Caffeine and/or monthly periods were causes. I would get a headache within a day or two of consuming caffeine. Eliminated caffeine and most headaches except for about 5 per month. Excedrin worked best for the remaining ones, if taken quickly, though often irritating to stomach, even though taken with food or yogurt. I was also aware that it could be harmful to blood vessels, so continued looking for a natural cure. One exception, was, that, if I already had a headache, something with caffeine in it (as Excedrin had) such as cola, etc, often helped!

    One odd curative, if available: I found that if I could get the coldest draft from an air conditioner, to blow on the painful area at the top of my head for approximately 5 minutes, the headache disappeared! ( I had previously tried cold water from faucett running directly on the area, but not much difference)

    I found that keeping a regular sleep schedule (enough sleep at similar hours each day, with few exceptions) made a difference. After Menopause, the remaining headaches were milder, and gradually decreased to a lesser number. Feverfew was not effective on the remaining ones. Later I tried a product called Gurana Rush, which contained Ginsing (caffeine again) and have had very good results, when taken with a meal. The one disadvantage to this, is that I cannot take it within 7 or 8 hours of bedtime, since it energizes and then keeps me awake. Still looking for something that will work on headaches ocurring late in the day.

  3. Shortened muscle in lower back:
    Age 52: For over 1 year, I had increasing muscle spasms in the lower right spine, ocurring at totally unexpected times. If I misplaced my foot when walking, there was a jarring effect that caused severe pain. When standing on a chair to hang Christmas lights, it struck, and I thought I would never be able to get down from the chair. The progression was such that I felt I could be becoming an invalid. Since the pain was in the same area that the arthritis had been, and It was during a time of some sugar consumption, I immediately eliminated eating ALL sugar. When there were changes within a few months, (the change back to normal, always happened much sooner than this, when arthritis was the problem). I began to suspect that it was not arthritis.

    After 8 or 9 months of this, I began doing slow flexibility exercises. A book had suggested that I could have a shortened back muscle due to not using it enough. My daily walks did not involve flexing the back. I began with a slow sacroilliac rockin gexercise, only doing what could be done without pain, gradually increasing the amount as allowed....being consistent daily. Later, I added other stretching exercises of my own....taking whatever movement hurt, and turning it into a slow exercise. Within several months, all limberness and flexibility have returned. I have made these exercises a part of my daily schedule. That was 3 years ago...all is well.

  4. Hiccups: Stop by pushing index fingers into both ears to the count of 29.

  5. Exzema caused by Digestive problem:
    At age 23 (birth of 2nd child) a severe, excema-like problem began on my ring finger. Itched like hives under the skin, then open cuts developed. Back then it mostly ocurred in winter. Irritated by potato skins, bleach. Temporary relief was found while working in a factory, honing gears in an organic oil, that contained 41% Lard, Petroleum Oil, and Benzotrygol. Condition was gone after one year of working there, and when I quit, for 8 years, it would show up once or twice. I had taken some oil home, and only had to wipe it on once or twice and it was fine for another year.

    After 8 years of this, it no longer worked, and the condition came back. I thought the oil might be too old, but after getting more, it was no longer working. By age 50, it spread to both hands, began to cause irritable heat feeling (like infection?) I tried eliminating milk products, then different foods, but all changes were only temporary.

    Allergist said it was dust mites...but results of doing what was required were inconclusive.

    By accident I discovered that digestive problems (or lack of enough acid produced in stomach) could cause a variety of symptoms....most of which were in my family....several of which were my own (migraines, allergies, palpitations, the past)

    I took Papaya enzymes with great results. (2 with each meal) When a sensitivity developed some months later, I went off it for a few months. Homemade yogurt taken with meals, instead, continued the good results. Later I went back to Papaya and have continued for close to a year so far, alternating with yogurt. (Other enzymes did not have the effect needed, when I tried them)

  6. Yawning: (off and on all day, when I had had plenty of sleep) Stopped when I take L-Tyrosine....usually one every 4 or 5 days.

  7. Heart Murmur/Palpitations:
    Dr said I had probably always had heart murmur. It had caused no problem. Palpitations developed after 30's I believe. Unexpectedly every other month or so, heavy beating, feeling like my heart would come out of my chest...very scary. They would stop if I could lie down for 15 minutes, undisturbed.

    Never had any since I added Magnesium to my diet....many years ago.

    I hope this is helpful.

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