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Case #1

Date: 27 May 1997
Healing Testimonial

I was plagued with uc for 14 years. The drugs that I was given only masked the real problem and I watched my health deteriorate. And I do truly believe that the overuse of anti-antibiotics accelerated my health problems. Here's an idea as how my situation worsened. In 82, my colon was 20% affected with ulcerative colitis, in 95, 80% was ulcerated and inflamed and indefinite for dyplasia. I had constant bouts of sininitus, bronchitis, yeast infections and inflammatory arthritis. All treated with anti-biotics. In 93 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

I am in remission now and have been for almost 2 years. Last May my colonoscopy showed a healed , healthy colon. Even my doctor was impressed. I started on a program of digestive enzymes, acidophilus/bifidus with a supplement of an organic, wild algae. I also did a slight diet change (eliminated the irritants: coffee, alcohol, sweets, processed foods) and an attitude readjustment Within 4 days I had more energy (being chronically ill really saps your energy) and in two weeks the bleeding and the cramping associated with the colitis subsided. I no longer CRAVE the sweets and the alcohol that I believe feed the disease. I'll be 42 this year and feel I can now begin to have a (semi) normal life. The drugs were like a one ton rock around my neck....and someone had thrown me into a very deep lake.

The body is an amazing machine. Given the proper nutrients, rest, exercise and attitude the body can heal itself. But if this process is interrupted by a poor diet, stress and the overuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, it has a hard time performing the miraculous function it was designed for. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Recipe for a Healthy Colon

The following practices for healthy bowel tissue comes from years of research on diet and the colon.
  1. Eliminate white sugar & white flour.
  2. Eliminate junk food (i.e. soda, sausage, pretzels, chips,hot dogs, etc.)
  3. Eliminate non-fermented dairy products.
  4. Eliminate red meat and preserved meats.
  5. Eliminate modified food starch, partially hydrogenated oil, and other shelf-life extending products.
  6. Eliminate salt.
  7. Eliminate tap water. Drink distilled or spring water.
  8. Use organically grown fruits and vegetables.
  9. Get plenty of rest & relaxation.
  10. Control your negative emotions. Learn to forgive.

Ellen Young

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