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Commercial Natural Healing Web Page Links

These web page links are sites selling natural healing-related products, services and information. By listing these sites, I am not recommending the use of these products. I have not tried most of the products listed. The sites are listed so that readers can become familiar with some of the natural healing-related products and services on the market and purchase those products if they choose.

Aromatherapy Products

Bodycare Products

Bodywork Resources

Breathing/Breathwork Resources

Books, Tapes, & Videos

Career/Educational Services



Dental Products

Disease Treatment Products

Energy Work

Environment Improvement Products

Eyesight Improvement

Flower Essences

Food and Dietary Supplements

Gardening (Organic)

General Holistic Health-Related Services

Herbal and Nutrient Supplements



Insurance (Health)


Natural Bedding

Qigong & Tai Chi

Psychological & Stress Relief Services


Retreats & Resorts

Water Treatment

Women's Issues

Veterinary Products