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On this web page you will find links to a few conferences, retreats and trade shows that:

1. I noticed listed in a journal or received a flyer.
2. I think are useful (from personal experience for retreats).

There are hundreds of holistic healing-related conferences and retreats every year. It would be impossible for me to keep track of them all. But I would like to list a few that you (my dear readers of this web page :-) may want to attend.

Holistic Healing Conferences (updated 10/12/99)

Alternative Medicine Retreats (updated 6/8/99)

Holistic Healing Trade Shows, Festivals, & Expos (updated 10/12/99)

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Holistic Healing Conferences, Retreats & Trade Shows almost always repeat every year or more frequently. The location often changes. It can be very helpful to browse through past conferences, retreats & trade shows to find subjects that interest you and then call, email or write for information about the next scheduled event.

Past Conferences, Retreats & Trade Shows

Holistic Healing Conferences

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Alternative Medicine Retreats

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Holistic Healing Trade Shows, Festivals, & Expos

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