You Can Prevent & Heal Dental Health Problems


Many of the techniques that will almost guarantee lack of oral disease (including cavaties) in most individuals can be found in the following book:

I highly recommend purchasing this book for those interested in healthy teeth and gums. Other than a strong suggestion to avoid the fluoride products mentioned in the book, I think the ideas can prove very helpful. These ideas can help you prevent and heal many dental and gum diseases.

The book is currently out-of-print. However, you can order it from, specially from the web page at:

You may be able to order the book by mail from:
for $8.95 plus $1.00 postage & handling = $9.95 (total). (Another good book by Dr. Nara is "Money By The Mouthful" for $5.95 total.)


I will be adding resources to this section -- both resources for products mentioned by Dr. Nara and resources that I find helpful -- as time permits. I have no financial interest in any of the resources mentioned, including Oramedics.

  1. Water Pik with specially designed tips to help prevent/cure gum disease and clean beneath the gum line (according to Dr. Nara):

    Teledyne Professional Model Water Pik with "pick-pocket tips" can be purchased from some Kmart, Thrifty Drugs, Save-On Drugs, Genevese, Fortunoff stores. Or, it can be purchased mail order from:

    Silos Products, Inc.
    2139 N. University Dr.
    Dept. 222
    Coral Springs, FL 33071
    $59.00 + $9.00 postage (2nd day) and handling = $68.00 total.