Holistic Healing Quotes
Food and Nutrition

"Although most patients coming for professional [Traditional Chinese Medicine] treatment today do need internal medicine and/or acupuncture as well as changes in their diet and lifestyle, it is most definitely my experience that without appropriate changes in diet and lifestyle, herbs and acupuncture do not achieve their full and lasting effect."

"There are four basic foundation of achieving and maintaining good health. These are diet, exercise, adequate rest and relaxation, and a good mental attitude."

Arisal of the Clear: A Simple Guide to Healthy Eating According To Traditional Chinese Medicine
by Bob Flaws
Internationally known author and translator of over two dozen books on Chinese Medicine.

"Proper diet can become an instrument for maintaining health and cultivating increased levels of awareness."

Qigong Master Mantak Chia

"Diet is the essential key to all successful healing. Without a proper balanced diet, the effectiveness of herbal treatment is very limited. With the appropriate eliminative or balanced diet, herbal treatment will prove itself to be effective where no medicine will work and will often be faster than the quick but temporary relief of Western drugs."

The Way of Herbs
Michael Tierra, C.A., N.D.

"I am now convinced that most chronic medical conditions can be helped significantly by a healthy diet.

Sinus Survival
Robert S. Ivker, M.D.
Member of the American Holistic Medical Association

"The key to health and disease does not lie in the application of drugs or chemicals or special therapies but in the prime factors on which our life and vitality is based. The three most important ones in Ayurveda are food, rest and sexual energy."

Natural Healing Through Ayurveda
Professor Dr. Subhash Ranade