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Integrated Awareness has been described by founder, Lansing Barrett Gresham as "... a state of consciousness." However, I experience it as a very powerful process which promotes personal healing and transformation. Development of healing tools, positive changes in behavior and mental state, and awareness of various states of consciousness naturally arise out of the personal healing and transformational process.

Description of Process

Formal Integrated Awareness processes can be divided into three sections: Table Sessions, Workshops, Training/Healing Programs.

Table Sessions

Table Sessions are usually, but not always, conducted on a massage table. The sessions are *not* like anything else commonly seen in Holistic Medicine (e.g., CranioSacral Therapy, Massage, External Qigong, Reiki, Zero Balancing, Visceral Manipulation, Shiatsu, etc.) There may be some aspects of these and other powerful modalities used on occasion, but it is quite different and difficult to describe.

Basically, the client comes to the Table Session with an "intent" (or desire) for the session. For example, eliminating a chronic illness, improving an intimate relationship, having more energy, etc. Based on the client's intent and subtles in the client's body structure, movement and energy patterns (and other factors), the practitioner begins a customized session that can help the client find ways to move towards or attract his or her stated intent. The Table Sessions can change significantly from time to time and from practitioner to practitioner due to differences in client goals, body structure, movement, energy patterns, and due to differences in practitioner experience and styles.

The first few Table Sessions I received led to me obtaining my stated intent. This was somewhat surprising (shocking?) to me since I had tried to achieve these goals for many years using other techniques and had an equally hopeful attitude while trying those other techniques. As my stated intents got bigger, it became clear that it would take me more time and more Table Sessions and some time to reach those goals -- these are powerful sessions, but they aren't magic. Others have reported to me similar results, depending, of course, upon what the intent was. A desire to eliminate asthma (for example), probably will not be realized after one Table Session as some things take time to change. (In addition,
Nutritional changes may be useful in conjunction with Table Sessions for someone with asthma.) A number of people have pointed to slow progress where they did not realize the extent of the positive change until they looked back on the situation. It varies from situation to situation.

Table Sessions seem to average in cost about $50-60 for an hour, but experienced teachers sometimes charge more. The cost is often dependent somewhat upon the economy of the area. Sessions usually last approximately one hour. In some cases, it is highly-desirable for the practitioner to work with one or more assistants (or other practitioners) to increase the amount of change possible.


Workshops are usually 2- to 3-day events where processes based on body structure and movement predominate. In some cases, a Table Session is given to all workshop participants. For some people, the processes during the workshops can lead to significant change and healing. For others, like me, the workshop processes led to frustration and confusion. I am one of the people who get much more out of Table Sessions and especially the Training/Healing Program (see below). It seems to vary significantly from person to person.

Training/Healing Programs

This has the potential to be the most powerful healing and transformational aspect of Integrated Awareness. The programs usually consist of several workshop-like gatherings per year over an extended period (e.g., 3 years), plus other optional workshops, study groups, Table Sessions, assisting of practitioners, etc. For example, the New England 3-year program meets three times per year in New England and the optional events occur between these meetings.

The first year focuses largely on personal healing. Subsequent years continue with personal healing, but focus on working with others. Graduates of the program can become practitioners and teach Integrated Awareness on a professional basis, or they can simply use what was learned to move towards other goals and dreams.