Selecting Breath-Directed Tools

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It is important to note that I am not an expert in all of these Breath-Directed Inner Healing and Transformational techniques. I have the most experience with Vivation: over 60 coached sessions and I teach the process. I have had approximately 30 Holotropic Breathwork sessions. Since Integrative Breathwork is similar, I would say I have a good deal of general experience with this process as well. I have some experience with Vivation, but am not an expert. I have had only one Radiance Breathwork session. However, I am familiar with and have used the techniques that are taught along with Radiance Breathwork.

Below, I will do my best in relating to you what I like about each of the breathwork programs.

Thoughts About Each Technique


Obviously, there are aspects of each of the breathwork techniques discussed which I feel are wonderful and very healing. I suggest you use the information discussed on this and other breathwork web pages to help you decide on with techniques to use. If you like, you can order and read the books relating to each of the techniques. (See Resources sections on each individual web page for book listings.) But the best way to decide is just to jump in and go to a class with a trained breathwork facilitator in a group or one-on-one session. As with other Inner Healing & Transformational techniques, try not to jump around constantly from practitioner to practitioner, but instead, stick with one type and one practitioner for quite a few sessions (unless you are experiencing problems with the technique or the practitioner).