"Vivation is the one process, of all those I tried,
that truly changed me inside, to the core." - Victor Boc

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Vivation® is a registered service mark and publishing trademark of Associated Vivation Professionals.

Description of Process

Vivation is a process that can help anyone heal and transform physically, emotionally and spiritually in a very profound way -- to the core of one's being. Because of the ability of the process to help a person transform their health and their life, it is often used for a wide variety of reasons:

Vivation is a skill that anyone can learn. Vivation is learned in sessions with a trained Vivation Professional. Each session involves a one hour lesson followed by a 1-2 hour coached Vivation session. The lessons often include experiential exercises to help improve one's skills with the process. Usually, Vivation is taught in seven basic lessons, each of which include a Vivation session. After learning the seven basic lessons, a student will then be able to give himself/herself Vivation sessions.

During the Vivation session, a special breathing technique is used to help bring feelings and body sensations into conscious awareness. Using other skills, these experiences (feeling and body sensations) are "Integrated." Integration means embracing and making peace with the experience by exploring it in detail. As experiences are integrated, internal physical and emotional turmoil gradually begins to disappear and is naturally replaced by improved health, happiness, joy, motivation, and self-confidence.

In many cases a Vivation Professional may suggest special Vivation sessions such as "Vivation in Action" where one can learn to permanently make peace with internal experiences that come up while engaged in other activities such as public speaking, selling products, etc.

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