Will Neotame Be Approved and If So, When?

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After Monsanto's neurotoxic sweetener, aspartame, was approved over the objections of numerous independent scientists, a Public Board of Inquiry, and the FDA's own internal review team, numerous FDA officials were rewarded with high-paying jobs in the aspartame industry. Details of this "buyout" of government officials were published by the U.S. Government Accounting Office as well as summarized in the Aspartame History FAQ. Since that time, Monsanto and key government agencies like the FDA have continued to exchange employees so that Monsanto's needs quickly becomes government and especially FDA policy.

Therefore, there is absolutely no question that neotame and other key Monsanto products such as dangerous geneticially-engineered frankenfoods will get approved. Monsanto will push for a quick approval since so many scientists, physicians and the general population are becoming aware of aspartame's toxicity. Within a couple of years, possibly sooner, neotame will be approved as a tabletop sweetener, but sales will be poor because so many people will have permanently switched to truly healthier sweeteners and sworn off toxic artificial sweeteners no matter how many scientific "experts" Monsanto can pay to claim that it is safe.

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