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ADD-Holistic Internet Discussion Group
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ADD-Holistic Internet Discussion Group

ADD-HOLISTIC is an ADD/ADHD discussion group for the discussion of alternative medicine techniques for treating Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity and related disorders.


The online discuss group is not active at this time. Please print out and read the Visiting Expert presentations below. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Visiting Experts Presentation Archives

Please print out ALL of the Visiting Expert Presentation Archives below by clicking on the presenter's name and then printing the document for offline reading. Those who are serious about eliminating ADD/ADHD symptoms and helping others should read through all of the Visiting Expert archives. You can also pull up the
complete set of Visiting Expert transcripts in one file and print it out. It takes a few minutes to load and you will need a laser printer because there are alot of pages. After all of the transcripts are read over a one-week period, you will have detailed knowledge of the treatment options for ADD/ADHD!

  1. Jane Hersey, National Director of the Feingold Association (Bio)
    Author of "Why Can't My Child Behave?"
    Visit Dates: June 21, 1998 - June 28, 1998

  2. Steve Waldstein, RSHom (NA), Officer and Director of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) (Bio)
    Author of "How to Choose the Diet That's Right for You"
    Visit Dates: June 29, 1998 - July 6, 1998

  3. Doris J. Rapp, MD., F.A.A.A., F.A.A.P, Board-certified Environmental Medical Specialist and Pediatric Allergist. Honored Speaker at the First World Conference on Non-Pharmaceutical Therapies for ADD & ADHD. (Bio)
    Author of "Is This Your Child's World?"
    Visit Dates: July 6, 1998 - July 13, 1998

  4. Arthur E. Munyer, CMT, Bodywork Instructor. Former Manager and Teacher at the School for Infants and Toddlers of the Esalen Institute. Instructor and Administrator in Early Childhood Development. (Bio)
    Visit Dates: August 9, 1998 - August 15, 1998

  5. Russell L. Blaylock, MD, Board certified neurosurgeon engaged in a private neurosurgical practice for the past 21 years. Expertise in nutritional treatment of neurological disorders and in the biochemical basis of diseases of the nervous system. One of the world's foremost experts on Excitatory Amino Acids and their relationship to neurological and behavioral disorders. (Bio)
    Author of "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills"
    Visit Dates: August 31, 1998 - September 6, 1998

  6. Jonathan Alderson, Director, Son-Rise Program at the Option Institute. The Option Institute helps children and adults with ADD/ADHD, Autism, and other disorders to maximize their potential. Their program has helped many children. (Bio)
    Visit Dates: September 7, 1998 - September 13, 1998

  7. Phyllis J. Mullenix, Ph.D., Pharmacologist & Toxicologist, Founder and Former Director of the Toxicology Department of the Forsyth Dental Center, Research Associate in Psychiatry. World's foremost expert in the neurotoxicity of fluoride compounds. (Bio)
    Visit Dates: September 14, 1998 - September 20, 1998

  8. Dr. Devi Nambudripad, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor and Developer of the Popular Technique for ADD, Asthma, and Allergy Treatment NAET. (Bio)
    Author of "Say Goodbye to ADD and ADHD."
    Visit Dates: October 15, 1998 - October 21, 1998

  9. Sonia Sumar, A Yoga Therapist and Teacher Who Uses Yoga to Help Tranforms the Lives of Children uses a special type of yoga therapy to help transform the lives With ADD/ADHD, Down's Syndrome and Other Disorders. (Bio)
    Author of "Yoga for the Special Child."
    Visit Dates: October 26, 1998 - November 1, 1998

  10. Mark Ungar, Director of the ADD Action Group. ADD Action Group is a National Resource Center for Non-Pharmacological Treatments of ADD/ADHD. (Bio)
    Visit Dates: November 4, 1998 - November 8, 1998

  11. Ruth Hunter, Expert on the Use of Martial Arts to Help Children and Adults With ADD/ADHD. Second Degree Black Belt and Columnist for the Taekwondo Reporter. (Bio)
    Author of "Parents' Guide to Martial Arts" (Includes chapter on ADD/ADHD)
    Visit Dates: November 9, 1998 - November 15, 1998

  12. Dr. Fred Pescatore, Associate Medical Director of the Atkins Center. Host of Radio Broadcast "Your Health Choices - The Friday Edition." (Bio)
    Author of "Feed Your Kids Well"
    Visit Dates: February 8, 1999 - February 14, 1999

  13. Dr. Jacob Mirman, Classical Homeopath and Board Certified Internist. Expert in Treating Cases of ADD/ADHD; Member of Faculty of Homeopathy, Great Britain. (Bio)
    Author of "Demystifying Homeopathy: A Concise Guide to Homeopathic Medicine"
    Visit Dates: March 8, 1999 - March 14, 1999

  14. Dr. Udo Erasmus, One of the World's Foremost Experts on Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) as they Relate to Health, and ADD/ADHD. Expert on Fats, Oils, Technology for Pressing Healthy Oils, and Complete Nutrient Programs for Human Health (Bio)
    Author of "Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill"
    Visit Dates: March 15, 1999 - March 23, 1999

  15. John E. Upledger, D.O. O.M.M., Developer of CranioSacral Therapy and Founder of the Upledger Institute. CranioSacral Therapy is used to successful treat ADD/ADHD and other disorders in many cases. (Bio)
    Author of "CranioSacral Therapy", "Your Inner Physician and You", "A Brain is Born: Exploring the Birth and Development of the Central Nervous System", and other books.
    Visit Dates: August 16, 1999 - August 22, 1999

  16. George von Hilsheimer, Ph.D., Pioneer in the Use of Biofeedback/Neurofeedback to Treat ADD/ADHD. (Bio)
    Author of "Allergy, Toxins and the LD Child", "How To Live With Your Special Child", "Is There a Science of Behavior", and "Brief Therapy."
    Visit Dates: October 4, 1999 - October 10, 1999

  17. Billie M. Thompson, Ph.D., A Pioneer in Bringing the ADD/ADHD Treatment Technique, the Tomatis Method, to the United States. Founder and Director of Sound Listening & Learning Centers in Phoenix, Arizona and Pasadena, California. Organizes U.S. Training for the Tomatis Method. (Bio)
    Visit Dates: October 11, 1999 - October 17, 1999

  18. Thom Hartmann, Founder of the New England Salem Children's Village (NESCV) and the Hunter School, a Residential School for ADD/ADHD children. Works with ADD Children and Conducts Workshops and Seminars Around the World. (Bio)
    Author of "Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception", "Focus Your Energy: Hunting for Success in Business with ADD", "ADD Success Stories: A Guide to Fulfillment for Famlies with ADD", "Think Fast! The ADD Experience", "Beyond ADD: Hunting for Reasons in the Past and Present" and "Healing ADD: Using NLP and Other Methods to Heal From Growing up a Hunter in a Farmers World."
    Visit Dates: November 1, 1999 - November 7, 1999

  19. Roger D. Masters, Ph.D., Professor Emeritis, Dartmouth College, Chairman of the Dartmouth Foundation for Neuroscience and Society, Foremost Expert on the Behavioral Effects of Environmental Toxins Such as Lead.
    Presented a groundbreaking study related to lead and silicofluorides at the recent 17th International Neurotoxicology Conference ( "Children's Health and the Environment," Little Rock, Arkansas, October 17-20, 1999). (Bio)
    Visit Dates: November 14, 1999 - November 20, 1999

Next List Expert Due Online: Late January, 2000.